President of Black Hills Bentonite Tom ThorsonBlack Hills Bentonite has six present day processing plants in Wyoming, the first of which began operations in the little town of Moorcroft, Wyoming in 1947. This operation ran until its closing in 1964. Operations were started again during the same year with the building of a new processing plant in the present day location of Casper, Wyoming. In 1974, Black Hills Bentonite built another processing plant in Worland, Wyoming (approximately 180 miles north of Casper, Wyoming). In 1984 Black Hills Bentonite purchased a competitor's operation in Mills, Wyoming (formerly known as Benton Clay Company).

In 1997 Black Hills Bentonite built its fifth present day processing facility in Mills, Wyoming. This plant was designed and built exclusively to manufacture granular bentonite products. This plant also bears the name of one of our founders, Harry Thorson.

In 2001 Black Hills Bentonite built another processing facility in Thorton, Wyoming. This plant was designed exclusively to manufacture "crushed & dried" bentonite for export to Japan.

Black Hills Bentonite has grown from a single product supplier to multiple product producer and manufacturer. Black Hills Bentonite is committed to providing its customers the best of service and highest quality bentonite products.

We at Black Hills Bentonite are proud of our past heritage and are looking forward to our future. We hope you find this website interesting, as well as informative, and useful. The following pages relate to bentonite, its origin, uses, and processing.

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