BH Ultra Grout

Black Hills Thermail Grout Lite MSDS Sheet
Description Thermal Grout Lite is a unique bentonite-based two-part, field mixed, high to very-high solids, grouting material that can mixed to meet a range of thermal conductivity’s from 0.45 to 1.00 Btu/hr ft °F. It has been specifically developed for closed-loop ground-coupled heat pump applications where thermal conductivity in the vertical bore column is critical to system performance. This product is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International to ANSI/NSF Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects. Thermal Grout Lite contains no chemical polymers or organic matter.

Thermal Grout Lite provides unequaled performance while offering the contractor proven advantages in handling and clean-up. When properly mixed, more than 30 minutes of working time is available before significant hydration occurs. Unlike many other bentonite grouting materials, Thermal Grout Lite does not flash hydrate.

Its percentage of solids will range from equivalent, to over 2 times greater than that of the best conventional bentonite grout products. As the solids percentage becomes higher, Thermal Grout Lite will require less water per delivered gallon of yield than other grout as well as a linear shrinkage potential which becomes less and less.
Physical Specifications
Thermal Conductivity .45 - 1.00 Btu/hr ft. °F
Permeability1 < 6.9 x 10-8 cm/s
Percent Solids 30.0 - 65.1 %
Grout Weight 9.9 - 13.3 lb/gal
Linear Shrinkage Potential 40 -<11 %
Maximum Particle Size < 300 µm
Unit Yield 17.0 - 34.7 gal/unit
NOTE 1: Permeability verified by an indepent testing laboratory over a variety of thermal conductivities.