Bentonite Plug 3/8" and 3/4" (Chip Bentonite)

Black Hills Bentonite Plug MSDS Sheet
Description BENTONITE PLUG is pure, naturally occurring, sodium bentonite, which is mined and processed here in Wyoming.   BENTONITE PLUG'S unique ability to absorb 7-10 times its weight in water (forming a non-toxic plug) makes it ideal as an economical method for many sealing and plugging applications


Application BH PLUG'S many uses include the sealing of abandoned water wells, drill holes, and monitor well casing.   BENTONITE PLUG can also be used for the sealing of animal stock tanks, irrigation ditch leaks, and seismic shot holes.  When used for seismic exploration, BENTONITE PLUG, forms a tough plug which seals the hold plus provides a barrier to the explosive charge, keeping the energy down-hole.


Typical Chemical Analysis
Element % Element %
SiO2 64.7 CaO 1.8
Al2O3 17.8 K2O .46
Fe2O3 4.4 Na2O 2.5
MgO 1.8 TiO2 .16
H2O (Crystal) 5.9
- -
Typical Screen Analysis
BP 3/8" BP 3/4"
% Mesh % Mesh
45.0 Retained on 3/8" 1.0 Retained on 3/4"
45.0 Retained on 1/4" 98.0 Retained on 3/8"
9.5 Retained on 20 .5 Retained on 20
.5 Passing 20 .5 Passing 20